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Can You Make It?
Myth VS. Fact

    Department of Labor & Workforce Development
     NJ Building & Construction Trades Council

Myth vs. Fact

Myth: You need to be big and strong to make it in the construction trades.
Fact: The construction profession requires that you be physically fit. It does not require you to be big           and muscular. As a matter of fact, to succeed in this profession, brains are just as important           as brawn.

Myth: Construction trades are for students who don't excel in high school.
Fact: Students must have solid math and reading skills. Students applying for a career in most           construction trades must take a written exam to qualify.

Myth: A career in construction is not for women.
Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. The Construction trades are for both men and women.           Professionals are required to perform some physical work, though it is not so strenuous as to           preclude females or males of slight physical build.

Myth: It's dirty work.
Fact: Sometimes but not always. Professionals involved in excavation, environmental remediation           and demolition do work in dirty and dusty conditions. However, most of the trades work in           clean conditions.

Myth: Construction is dangerous work.
Fact: Professional safety has been a major priority of the construction industry for a long time.           Professionals are trained in proven safety procedures from day one and they use the latest in           equipment to deter accidents. The construction industry works hand-in-hand with the federal           Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to continually improve work site for           safety.

If you are:

- Hard Working
- Smart
- Physically Fit
- Ambitious
- A Team Player
- Interested in a Career Rather Than Just A Job

...You Would be Wise to Consider a Career in Construction.